The Neighborhood Investigation Team

Welcome to the neighborhood!

While the other kids in the neighborhood waste their time with lemonade stands and paper routes, The Neighborhood investigation team is out there; solving the unsolvable, achieving the unachievable and undoing the doable.


Emma, the brains:
Emma knows that there are a lot of unanswered mysteries around the neighborhood; that’s why she formed the Neighborhood Investigation Team (NIT). She’s a natural wiz at deductive reasoning and unstoppable when she’s on the scent. If she takes you on as an operative in NIT, be prepared, she won’t let you doubt yourself for a second.

Neville, the scrounger:
Neville is constantly at his sister’s side helping out however he can. He has a strong working knowledge of physics, chemistry and metallurgy. He’s also the very capable scrounger. If you need one-Neville can get you two.

Crunchy, the reluctant hero:
If there’s anything he can do to help out, it’s news to Crunchy. That little voice of reason in his head is no match for Emma and her wild schemes. When Emma gets the investigation rolling, the best he can do is keep his head down and hold on.

Rest assured, once NIT is on the case there’s never a dull moment.

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