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12/17/08 - Animation Insider
Calling the Monster Doctor (External Site)

12/4/08 - Animation World Network
RIP M.D. to Debut at NATPE (External Site)

12/4/08 - Animation Magazine
RIP M.D. to Debut at NATPE (External Site)

12/4/08 - Press Release
Lincoln Butterfield to Debut RIP M.D. at 2009 NATPE.

11/1/08 - Animation Magazine
Lincoln Butterfield Offers Fantastic Foursome

10/17/08 - Animation Magazine Website
MIPCOM 2008: Trendspotting (External Site)

10/13/08 - MIPCOM News
Emperor Gets Animated

10/11/08 - C21 Media.net Website
Butterfield Seeks Partners for Toon Trio

10/8/08 - Variety Magazine Online
Comics Animate Studio's MIPCOM Pitch (External Site)

9/21/08 - Press Release
Lincoln Butterfield to Unveil Series Concepts at MIP '08

9/17/08 - Television Business International
Phineas & Ferb Director Launches Indie



Diverse Offering Includes Three New Titles
for Both Families and Mature Audiences

Burbank, CA – September 21, 2008 – Lincoln Butterfield Animation, the budding independent
animation studio launched by Robert Hughes (director on Disney’s Phineas & Ferb) and veteran
business executive Joseph Walker, will attend MIPCOM with a bevy of creative animation concepts. After recently signing a worldwide representation agreement with PorchLight Entertainment for its animated Tan series, Lincoln Butterfield will present three of its other animation concepts to interested co-production partners, content acquisition executives and third party distributors during the MIPCOM Junior and MIPCOM markets in Cannes next month.

Each of Lincoln Butterfield's new properties – NIT: Neighborhood Investigation Team; Venture Probe and When in Rome – offer the potential for multiplatform property extensions, including publishing (comics and children's books), broadband, mobile and feature films.

“Lincoln Butterfield prides itself in its unique, nimble approach to animation development,” said
Walker. “As a small creative company with deep animation production experience, we're able to
bring the global marketplace fully developed animation projects for myriad content distribution

“And it’s really about returning the focus to fun… we don’t talk down to the audience, preach to them or assume they don’t understand,” added Hughes. “We begin with fresh concepts that are—above all—fun, and develop them with the idea of transcending the traditional demographic and geographic barriers.”

Among the Lincoln Butterfield Animation concepts being pitched at MIPCOM Junior and MIPCOM

• When in Rome (Prime-Time Audiences)
Proving that animation is definitely not just for kids, When in Rome is loosely inspired by the
I Claudius novels by English writer Robert Graves. The series follows two cousins, Custos
and Vinosusis, who weave in and out of the treacherous and comically brutal Roman Empire
while slowly coming to realize that they actually have very little say about their own destinies.
From the top of Capitoline Hill to the lowliest vomitorium, dumb luck seems to be their
greatest (and only) ally. Created and written by Robert Hughes and designed by Frank
Furlong, When in Rome is available as a comic book and animated series.

• NIT: The Neighborhood Investigation Team (Families)
While other kids have lemonade stands and paper routes, NIT: The Neighborhood
Investigation Team is busy solving the unsolvable, achieving the unachievable and undoing
the doable. Emma, the brains of the operation, is a natural wiz at deductive reasoning and
unstoppable when she’s on the scent. She is assisted in her investigations by her younger
brother, Neville, who is quite the scrounger and has a strong working knowledge of physics,
chemistry and metallurgy. Crunchy, the voice of reason, is the reluctant hero who is no
match for Emma and her wild schemes. Created by Robert Hughes and designed by Mitch
Schauer, NIT is available as both a children's book series and animation series.

• Venture Probe (Prime-Time Audiences)
Against his better judgment, Captain Craig Taylor accepts command of the new corporate
class sales cruiser Venture Probe, an exorbitantly incapable ship designed and built by the
PEBKAC Corporation; a shameless bureaucracy. Assisted by his crew of incompetent but
amiable corporate shills and a cargo deck of soulless sales clones, Taylor embarks on a
mission to penetrate the newly liberated (and possibly still smoldering) regions of the galaxy
and sell photocopiers. It’s bureaucracy ahoy, space administrator! Make sure to sign and
complete your “superior officer accountability waiver” in triplicate, and get ready for some
pure, unbridled space panic! Venture Probe was created and written by Robert Hughes and
Joseph Walker, designed by Antoine Guilbaud and art directed by Mitch Schauer.

About Lincoln Butterfield Animation

Lincoln Butterfield Animation is a versatile, independent animation studio that prides itself on its
collective 90 years of animation production experience, sophisticated humor, enthusiastic characters and unique manner of intelligent storytelling. The company was co-founded by veteran animator Robert Hughes (director, Disney’s Phineas & Ferb) and business entrepreneur Joseph Walker. Along with core team members Mitch Schauer (creator, The Angry Beavers) and Michael Lessa, Lincoln Butterfield draws upon long established relationships with talented writers, artists, directors and technical experts worldwide to develop and produce a wide range of innovative animation-based intellectual properties. The company—dedicated to bringing fully developed animation projects to all media distribution platforms—delivers today's global entertainment marketplace the highest quality content for the broadest possible audience at the most attractive prices.


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