2010 Press Items

11/26/10 -Boing Boing Online
Solving problems for hurt/neurotic monsters.
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11/20/10 - Fangoria
Mitch Schauer Interview
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11/16/10 - Comics Buyer's Guide
Tour of the Indies

11/1/10 - Publishers Weekley
Fondness for the old-school of monster movies

8/17/10 - Comic Book Bin.com
Review of the RIP M.D. graphic novel
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8/17/10 - Comic Hero News.com
We Talk to RIP M.D.s Creator, Mitch Schauer
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8/14/10 - ICV2.com
From Creator of Angry Beavers: RIP M.D.
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7/27/10 - Comic Monsters.com
RIP M.D.: A sweet and fun take on monsters

7/23/10 - Animation Magazine
A Day in the Life of Lincoln Butterfield

7/13/10 - Press Release
RIP M.D. gets exclusive Comic-Con preview

6/28/10 - LA Business Journal
Joseph Walker: Padding Consumer Choices
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1/13/10 - C21 Media
Mitch Schauer: Balance Budget With Ambition
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Today’s find comes from Mitch Schauer and Mike Vosberg for their new graphic novel “RIP M.D.”. The book is described as “a creepy, fun-filled, all-ages adventure introducing Ripley Plimpt, an 11-year-old boy whose ordinary life is turned upside-down when he discovers that monsters are not only real, but are also in desperate need of his help to overcome their very real problems”.

A sweet and fun take on monsters, the creators found inspiration from the classics. Both Schauer and Vosberg lament the old horror movies because the audience’s empathy was with the monsters. Schauer used the example of Frankenstein, because although he was viewed as a monster, “he just wanted to be understood”. That is the direction RIP M.D. is going. Beginning with the rescue of a vampire bat, our protagonist RIP will try to understand and help the monsters. A fresh idea that is gorgeously drawn, this book is definitely one to check out. Expected to be released in August, watch for more coverage on RIP M.D. in the coming weeks.

Schauer and Vosberg


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