2010 Press Items

2009 Press Items

9/21/09 - Press Release
Lincoln Butterfield Offers Trio of New Titles

9/9/09 - Press Release
Lincoln Butterfield Launches Licensing Program

5/27/09 - Press Release
Lincoln Butterfield gets Mike Vosburg to ink RIP M.D.

5/26/09 - TodoTV
Interview with Co-Founder Joseph Walker (External Site) English Version Here

5/19/09 - Publisher's Weekly
Fantagraphics to Publish Novel (External Site)

5/19/09 - World Screen News
Lincoln Butterfield Inks Publishing Deal
(External Site)

5/19/09 - Press Release
Lincoln Butterfield Inks Publishing Deal for RIP M.D.

4/19/09 - TV Week
Robert Hughes Commentary(External Site)

3/31/09 - MIPtv News
RIPping Yarn

3/30/09 - Animation Insider
MIPtv 2009 Animation Spotlight (External Site)

3/24/09 - TV Kids Magazine
On The Prowl

1/26/09 - Animation Magazine
Lincoln Butterfield Does the Monster Mash

2008 Press Items


Lincoln Butterfield Animation & Production was founded with a simple, but none the less intelligent, philosophy that if you produce good animation programming it easily overcomes ethnic, cultural and linguistic barriers.

Robert Hughes and Joseph Walker put together the talent and know-how to launch the company in 2004, created a business model suitable for today’s climate and a modern, independent animation studio which emphasizes the creation of the highest quality animation talent.

As a result the company offers a portfolio of content that can be shown world-wide.

It’s Saturday that the universal child and adolescent public demands animated content. Even the youngest recognize program quality and that demand knows no bounds.

Lincoln Butterfield animation and Production is built on that premise. With that in mind, the company looks for opportunities to surprise audiences in the United States, Latin America and other markets.

“I think that the global economic situation will be a determining factor in the marketing of animated content”, commented Joseph Walker, Co-Founder and Associate Producer of Lincoln Butterfield. In this sense the multifaceted professional emphasizes two tendencies apart from the need to distribute even more with the entry of the new Internet market. “One is that the big channels are leaning towards acquisitions and moving away form production ownership. Also I see major fragmentation in co-production, which signifies that each participant of the co-production has a smaller part of financing in the project.”

Regarding the content that makes up the company catalog, Joseph points out the response received by TAN (52x11) and recently N.I.T. The Neighborhood Investigation Team, both stars in the company’s portfolio. “We received a lot of interest form channels in the United States and also from channels in other parts of the world.” In the meantime he emphasized, “we’re dedicated to gathering co-production agreements to produce programs and we are receiving very encouraging responses on their entry into the market.”

An essential item in creating and consolidating children’s or adolescent programs is licensing and merchandising. “I believe that in some measure licensing permits the viewer to enter the universe of the program. Licensing elevates the viewer from being merely a spectator to an active participant”, Walker explained. “The program ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ is a case in point.’ The executive commented, “thanks to those consumer products, the fans not only identify with the program, but also communicate with other “sponge Bob” fans. Merchandising “Sponge Bob” permits a well-known brand which helps propel a social investment in the program. The result is a loyal following and an impetus for growth and sustainability of the program.”

Considering the on-line universe, the company does not have specific plans for the development of video games or other on-line entertainment based on their programs. However it’s only a matter of time until a presence on the Internet is developed with the intention of offering it to potential distributors.

For more information, contact us at: info@lincolnbutterfield.com
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