Mitch Schauer
Creative Producer

As Creative Producer for Lincoln Butterfield Animation, Mitch Schauer fuels the creation of animation concepts, creative development and production for the independent animation studio. Schauer is also an award winning producer, recognized for his superior skills as an artist, as well as his abilities in story editing, writing, designing and voice direction.

From 1983 through 1985, Schauer worked on various projects for Hanna Barbera Productions, including producing and designing syndicated specials for both Pound Puppies and Star Fairies properties. He also produced, designed and did storyboards for 13 half-hours of The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo; associate produced, designed and did storyboards for a five-part mini series for Go-Bots, and associate produced and did storyboards for 13 half-hour episodes of Sons of the Pink Panther.

Schauer joined Film Roman in 1988, where, over the next four years, he would co-create, produce, design and write the Emmy nominated Bobby's World.

In 1995, Warner Bros. lured Schauer to its animation team, where he would produce 13 episodes of Freakazoid and win an Emmy for Outstanding Special Class – Animated Program 1996-1997.

The following year, Nickelodeon came calling, offering Schauer the opportunity to executive produce his own animated series concept, The Angry Beavers. The series—in addition to introducing him to Michael Lessa and Robert Hughes, part of the creative team at Lincoln Butterfield—would also distinguish Schauer as a multiple-award winning talent. The Angry Beavers earned a Special Prize Annecy Award for a series; a World Animation Celebration Award for Best Animation Produced for Daytime; an Emmy Award for Sound Editing; and an A.S.I.F.A. Award for Producer Design. Schauer would also develop a pilot, Simply Sisters, and a direct-to-video animated movie, War of the Worlds, while with the network's in-house animation studio.

Schauer and Lessa, who worked well together, would cross paths again with Robert Hughes at Berlin Animation Film. While Schauer served as producer/director of Film Roman's Marvel Superhero Squad and storyboard artist for MLG Production's The Next Avengers, he also continued to freelance and began developing projects for the newly formed Lincoln Butterfield.

"The way our creative process works is that once Rob gives me a concept, I mold it into a look and feel based on his input," explains Schauer. "I also write and develop concepts on my own, but the collaborative process between the four of us really expedites the gestation period for any of our concepts."

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